What should we pay attention to when casting

发表时间:2021-06-05 01:44

Investment casting is the most familiar casting process for investment casting manufacturers. The process of investment casting is mainly divided into five steps: wax pressing, shell making, pouring, post-treatment and inspection. Among them, the steps of wax pressing include wax pressing, wax repairing and tree building; Shell making includes three steps: hanging sand, hanging slurry and air drying; Post treatment includes sand blasting, shot blasting, correction and pickling. Final inspection includes wax inspection, preliminary inspection, intermediate inspection and finished product inspection.

Investment casting may be a little strange to some small partners who don't know much about casting, but for investment casting manufacturers, this is a familiar process, because investment casting manufacturers mainly do this process, so what should we pay attention to in the casting process, Next, I will sort out the methods to determine the pressure holding, filling time and mold opening of precision casting. I hope these methods can bring some help to the users who want to know about precision casting.

1、 After holding the pressure, the mold should be opened to take out the precision casting products. Then the time from the end of the injection to the opening of the die casting mold is called the opening time. If the opening time is not consistent with the ejection time, the product will be deformed and cracked. If the opening time is too short, the casting will be demoulded when the strength is relatively low, which will also lead to casting deformation.

2、 During die casting, the time required for liquid metal from entering the die casting cavity to filling the cavity is called filling time by precision casting manufacturers. The length of filling time depends on the volume and complexity of the casting. Generally, the filling time of simple casting is very fast.

3、 The holding time depends on the material and wall thickness of the investment casting. If it is a casting with high melting point, large crystallization temperature range and thick wall, the holding time will be longer; If the range of crystallization is small and the wall thickness is thin, the holding time will be shorter; During the pressure holding operation, the investment casting manufacturers should also control the pressure holding time. If the pressure holding time is insufficient, it is easy to cause shrinkage defects in the casting. However, if the pressure holding time is too long, it will not play a very big role, but it will cause the difficulty of cutting the residual materials in the vertical die casting machine. Therefore, the control of the pressure holding time is also a very key point.













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